Aug 25

Divorce and Mediation Fixed Fee Package throughout East Kent – £1,000 between you until the end of September

Divorce is traumatic enough without the costs involved in litigating matters that cannot be agreed upon.

At Deal Mediation Services we have come up with a surprisingly cost-effective package to enable you to move on with your life.  Throughout East Kent we are offering a Divorce and Mediation package at £1,000 between you which includes:

1.  assistance with the paperwork for your divorce – no legal advice will be provided;

2.  up to 6 hours of mediation with a legally-qualified mediator to disclose your financial information and discuss options for your divorce settlement;

3.  a financial summary being drawn up by your mediator providing at-a-glance details of the whole financial position; and

4.  a memorandum of understanding being drawn up by your mediator detailing all proposals reached within mediation.

You will then need to consult a solicitor to draw up a Consent Order to make any proposals legally binding at the conclusion of your divorce.  We are able to refer you onto lawyers that are committed to providing fixed fees.

This is an extremely cost-effective package and provides an opportunity for you to move on with your life without it costing a small fortune.

The package is suitable for people that are able to agree the terms of their divorce in mediation.

If you would like to speak to someone about our mediated divorce packages, then please call 01304 800001 or contact us online.