Employment Mediation

It is never too late to mediate

If disputes escalate in the workplace, then there is a chance that the dispute can end in the employment tribunal.  It pays to have a strategy in place to prevent this happening.

For those disputes that do result in an application being made to the employment tribunal, costs can be significantly lessened by adopting a mediation policy.  It is never too late to mediate.  Proposed tribunal fees are aimed at encouraging people to mediate but for those in the know, this is a first consideration.  If you have ever had to attend an employment tribunal, you will understand the significant costs expended in terms of management time, employee time and personal and emotional involvement.  This can be extremely draining for all concerned.

Mediation is a voluntary way to resolve disputes but if it is easily-accessible to those involved, then the chances are that parties are more likely to consider it early on.

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