Last week was family mediation awareness week and Resolution, the national family law association, published the results of their survey which concluded that 78% of people considered their children to be their most or second most important consideration in a divorce and 53% thought that they wanted to ensure the divorce is as conflict-free as possible.  The press release relating to the survey may be accessed here:

If you are considering separation or divorce and want to try to ensure that agreements are reached as amicably as possible, then mediation may be the right forum for you.  Within mediation, you and your ex may discuss all of the practical issues relating to your divorce, including: arrangements for the children; property; and financial matters.  The mediator can then assist you both with drawing up a proposal to finalise all of the practical aspects which you can then take along to your respective legal advisers to draw up a Settlement Agreement to lodge at the Court at the conclusion of your divorce.

Lawyer-trained mediators have the experience to know the parameters within which an agreement may be signed off by the Court and can provide legal information on an impartial basis to both parties.  A mediator would, however, recommend that legal advice is taken as the mediation progresses and certainly once proposals are put forward.

If you are considering separation or divorce, the following booklet from Resolution can help you choose the route that is right for you:  Separating Together Brochure.

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