Family Mediation in East Kent

Family mediation offers you an opportunity to resolve your issues and sort out separation in private and in a less hostile environment than the Court can offer. The Mediator can assist each of you to understand what is being said by the other and clarify the issues, enabling you to look for common ground upon which to seek an agreement.

You can choose to mediate upon all issues arising from family and relationship breakdown or concentrate on the children issues or financial and property matters separately.

A typical family mediation will commence with an individual meeting with each of you to assess whether mediation is the right way forward. If mediation is suitable and you both wish to continue, joint sessions will be held during which the Mediator will assist each of you equally. If children are involved, the mediator will encourage you both to focus on the needs of the children as well as on your own needs and to look at the issues from the point of view of the children.

The time taken for you to reach agreement very much depends on both of you and it is recommended that you take legal advice as the mediation progresses.

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