What is Mediation?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution involving an independent third party, a mediator, assisting the parties to communicate and negotiate with each other to try to reach a mutual agreement that the parties can live with. It is quite simply quicker, less costly and less traumatic than proceeding to court, retaining control of the dispute and the outcome within the hands of the parties. This offers more flexibility to the parties and enables them to consider other solutions than might otherwise be available through the traditional court route. Indeed, many court actions may result in solutions that neither of the parties desire.

Within many disputes, there is often the need to maintain a relationship. For example, within family disputes children are very often involved and some form of relationship needs to be maintained between the parents.

Mediation offers a less antagonistic arena for grievances to be aired with the possibility of promoting a more positive relationship in the future. This is equally true of business relationships and employee/employer relationships.

Disputes do not necessarily mean the end of a relationship.

Sometimes when people are in dispute they may feel that they could benefit from talking to an independent third party such as a counsellor.  If you feel that you would benefit from such a service, then please follow the Counselling Directory link to the left to find a counsellor in your area.