Divorce Mediation

A mediated divorce settlement is much more likely to provide satisfaction to the parties involved than a litigated divorce settlement.  If both of you are willing to attend mediation, and with an open mind, then the possibilities are limitless.  Conversely, divorcing couples can run up many thousands of pounds in legal costs if they are unable to agree the terms of their divorce.

How Can Deal Mediation Assist?

We can help you both to sort out the important issues arising from your divorce such as children issues; property issues; financial issues; and agreeing the terms of your divorce.  There are all sorts of practical considerations arising from a relationship breakdown.  You may be having problems deciding together where the children should live or how to divide your assets.  At this confusing time there is only one certainty and that is that things are going to change.

We can also help you to look at what type of external assistance is appropriate at any time and this may include suggesting that you visit your GP for help with getting through this difficult time or suggesting that you and your spouse attend couple counselling to manage the end of your relationship gently.

Divorce Nicely

At Deal Mediation Services we understand that going through a divorce is a difficult time emotionally and financially.  We are also aware that the average cost of divorce is around £12,000 per person in the UK courts.  It makes sense to reach agreement over your matrimonial matters through mediation and this can include: who is going to petition who for divorce; on what basis; and who is going to pay for the divorce. We have launched a new service, Divorce Nicely to assist you with the paperwork for your divorce. While no legal advice will be provided, if the divorce is agreed within mediation, then the paperwork will be quite straightforward. We are offering this service for a flat fee of £97 for the paperwork.


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